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We are here to improve your cash flow. We provide shariah compliant financing that allows SMEs and working individuals to receive their funding safely and quickly.

Meet Orpheus

Our goal is to ensure small businesses and working individuals have swift access to cash.  Delayed financing can come at a heavy expense, and we strive to solve this universal problem by providing instant financing that will improve you and your business’ cash flow management.

Built to Help you grow

Take back control of your cash flow management. We understand that waiting for payments holds your business back and we strongly disagree that is the way to go about in this competitive economy. We also empathize with those who need personal financing in this pandemic economic climate when their salary is insufficient for their personal necessities.

“That is why Orpheus was created, so that you can sit back and relax, focusing on your business and daily routines while we handle the cash flow management.”

Orpheus has been granted the esteemed Malaysia Digital (MD) Status from the Ministry of Multimedia & Communication. We’re honored to have been a part of the chosen group to be trusted with the opportunity to contribute to the progression of Malaysia’s Digital Economy.

As one of the Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation’s top 30 Islamic Digital Economy companies, we aim to continue to drive digital innovations within the industry to new heights and bring operational efficiency to our clients and consumers.

What We do ?

  • We provide flexible financing to labelled as underserved and unserved individuals and SMEs through a fully digital line of financing.
  • We aim to help our borrowers overcome the financial obstacles within our society, delivering insight and assistance to those who are often turned away by traditional financial institutions.
  • It is Orpheus’ priority to ensure our financing facilities are always Shariah compliant – from the application process all the way through to the disbursement of payment, especially for our valued customers. 

Where else can you find us ?

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How Orpheus Outperforms Traditional Financing


Conduct your transactions with peace of mind utilizing our reliable and safe systems


Receive your financing within 48 hours


Finance your business in just a few clicks with our seamless process flow

Facilities and Services


Contract Financing

Invoice Financing

Process Flow

Watch this video to guide your application

Our Financing Impact since 2021


Repaid Ah Longs/ Loan Sharks Debt


Repaid Utility Bills




New Income Generated by SMEs


Jobs created for SMEs

Our Tech

Unique Scoring System

Unique algorithm systems to help you achieve better credit scores for quicker financing approval.

Internal Control System

Our systems protect the integrity of our facilities to ensure the efficiency of our operations.

CRM System

Customer Relationship Management to ensure we are serving our borrowers to the best of our abilities.

Fully Automated Debt Collection

We handle your repayments for your ease of mind.

Automated Contract Signing

Digitally sign the necessary documentation for your convenience.

Advanced eKYC

e- Know Your Customer Identification process completed in 4 simple steps

Fraud Mitigation System

To eliminate any risk of losses and frauds for your safety.

Reporting & Analysis Modules

Regularly reflecting on our practices in order to improve our services to you.

We process your financing under 5 Minutes!

Shariah Compliant Cash Flow Solutions for SMEs & Individuals


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