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What is Invoice Financing ?

Invoice Financing is a debt free-way to access cash tied up in your account receivable.

It provides cash flow solution for further business opportunities as it unlocks your receivables and turns it into cash the fastest way


The 8 Stages of Digital Process

Orpheus is a fully digital Shariah compliant financing company. We aim to provide access to financing to the underserved SME communities, affordable short-term liquidity assistance for salaried workers as an alternative to illegal money lenders & loan sharks.

Here are our certifications and licensing for your assurance and confidence. Your security is a priority.


Onboarded Paymasters

Orpheus has on-boarded numerous paymasters including public listed companies and universities. Here are some of the companies that are already receiving our services, and we would be delighted to have you joining us too!

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Dato’ Badrul Hassan Mohamed Kassim started his career with Ernst & Young and gained considerable experience in the fields of palm oil, oleochemicals, telecommunication, advertising and hospitality. He co-founded Orpheus, an impact-led financing business with a social conscience, with a mission to lend a helping hand to the SME business sector and individuals much in need of quick and uncomplicated access to capital.



Hamudi holds a Diploma in Textile Technology from Institute Technology MARA (now UiTM) in 1992 & a B.Sc. degree in Textile Technology from Philadelphia College of Textile & Sciences (now Thomas Jefferson University), Pennsylvania, United States of America, graduating in 1996. He has more than 20 years’ experience in various capacities and industries. Hamudi is a Board member of the London-based World Hajj and Umrah Conventions as well as Treasurer at the Bumiputera Export Association (MyGerak). He has been awarded ‘Top 10 CEO’ by SME @ University Executive Development Program 2016.



Experienced professional with demonstrated history of over 20-years working in the information technology and services industry. Skilled in Business Development Strategy, Business Transformation, Professional Services, and Software as a Service (SaaS) platform. Strong technical & technology background with a Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) focused in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from the University of Tulsa.



He holds a Master of Comparative Laws from International Islamic University Malaysia. Ustaz Khairul is also a Certified Shariah Advisor with over fifteen (15) years Islamic banking experience (local and foreign based banks) and also a seasoned author with 5 books published. He is the first and only Malaysian ever recorded the full recitation on the holy Quran.


Invoice financing is a cash flow solution that enables businesses to get advances on money owed by customers upon completion of goods or rendered services, without waiting for the delays of payment terms that can range from 30 days to 90 days.

Invoice Financing is suitable in the case of a business deciding to sell their invoices (upon completion of goods or rendered services) to a third party, a Financing or Factoring company at a discount, such as to Orpheus. Orpheus then takes over the task of collecting the receivables by the predetermined deadline. With Invoice financing, you can get instant upfront payment of up to 80% of the invoice amount without having to wait for the payment terms from your customer.

For invoice financing, up to 80% of the invoice value will be disbursed into your bank’s account as quickly as within 24-48 hours.

Maximum up to 80% of invoice or contract value. We are able to offer financing beginning from RM10,000 (minimum) and up to RM 500,000 (maximum). The tenure of the facility is up to 6 months or 180 days.

Apart from the cost of financing, there is a one- off platform fee (one-time platform fees of 1.5% of invoice/contract value) and an admin fee (RM 750 one-time). 

There will be a late payment fees incurred and all the additional amounts will be donated into charities.

8 documents are required to be prepared by you for the Invoice Financing application, which are : 

  • Your bank statements of the last 3 months
  • Photocopy of IC
  • Joint and Several Guarantee 
  • Director’s Resolution
  • Letter of Factoring
  • Letter of Consent
  • Invoice
  • Facility Agreement

and the rest of the documents are digitally prepared by our platform.

Yes, the platform will send a notification via email informing them on the arrangement of payment assignment to Orpheus.

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